The menu for my last meal..

It was not one of his best days today. In fact it was his last day living. He will never see any sun rise nor see any sun set after this. Sunny Chavan, an amateur gangster was staring at a beam of light flickering from the gaps of the stone wall. He had grown terribly weak and pale. He had not shaven for months and there were dark circles under his eyes. He sat on the muddy floor trying to bring back all the memories of his past. He was thinking of that one mistake that ruined his life.

It was 2 years back that he had come to the city of dreams – Mumbai. Generally people came here to be a glamorous celebrity, rich businessman or a diamond merchant. But Sunny had different plans. He wanted to become wealthy and he was convinced that following rules and ethics will not provude him any luxuries. This was the reason why he wanted to join the mafia. He was 22 when he came to Mumbai and started his struggle. He was successful in joining a small troop of gangsters who kidnapped people for extortion money. He was a quick learner and mastered a crime each day. He was drenched in his rising power and the glamor around him. He wanted to become a gang leader and expand the illegal works to betting, match fixing and more. He was high of the esteem he was dreaming of. He was developing a lot of ego and pride.

But all pride has to fall. Sunny was also gling to ace a fall someday. It was a December evening. Though Mumbai Is not so chilly, it was quite cold that evening. As his everyday  chores he was on his way to Kamatipura, on the way he went to a famous restaurant which served good chicken biryani. He went there and ordered a take away. There was a lot of rush that day. He lost his patience waiting and barged in the restaurant. The waiter did not recognize him and gave a parcel to another guy. Sunny punched the waiter hard on his nose. He grabbed the parcel from the other guy and began walking. The other guy got angry and went to Sunny and asked for his packet back. Sunny laughed and spit the Paan he was eating on his face. The other guy could not tolerate the insult and slapped Sunny. Sunny was furious. This was the worst humiliation for somebody who was planning to rule over the underworld. There was a storming calmness in the restaurant.

The next moment everybody heard a shrieking sound of a gunshot. Sunny just shot the guy in anger. He placed his gun still hot with the fire inside the biryani packet. He left the scene without any fear of law or police. He thought there was nobody higher than him. That was the last night he could spent with his mistress. When he was heading back home from the brothel, he was stopped by a fleet of police cars. The would be mafia was now arrested by the police.

He put in all his efforts to get out of the mess. But things were going against him. His trials had begun. None of his gang members gave him any help. They were all tired and annoyed with his habit of day dreaming and boasting. Sunny had insulted them all at one point of time, so they thought he was paying for his pride. After months of trials he was finally prosecuted and sentenced for death penalty. The plea for mercy did not work as well. He was going to be hanged to death some day.

Today was that day, he saw the sun rise. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He felt the air go inside him. He absorbed all the light he could. Soon the jailer walked up to him and asked,

“What menu do you want for your last meal?”

He gave a witty smile and replied,

“The menu for my last meal should be nothing but a plate of Chicken Biryani”


A letter to my 16 self..!!

Dear Me,

Hi. For introductions I am the  future Anvi, like the distant future Anvi of the year 2013. I know you are going to be skeptical reading this letter. But trust me this is as much as a shock to you as it is for me. Just be a little patient and please relax when you are reading this. Do not get hyper.
Last night I had a wierd dream. I saw you (myself when 16) asking me for help. I was not able to listen to you but I knew you were worried over something. When I woke up in the morning I saw a paper and an envelope on the table. There was a small note there saying, “Your past needs help”.
The dream and the note made a little sense. So without thinking again over it, I started with this letter. I do not know what am I supposed to write to you. I do not want to give you any details of the future. It will just ruin your present. So I am just writing this letter as an assurance that you do not need to worry.
I do not know why are you troubled. Frankly, the problems I faced when 16 were not so bad as compared to now. There were no such responsibilities or heartbreaks or friend issues. So whatever you are going through, it is not the end of your life. I know this as I have gone through it.
To start with advices, my first one would be make a lot of mistakes. I had made a lot of them and I dont want you to change any of them. These are the mistakes that will make you what I am today. As a normal teen you are pretty close to your friends. But let me tell you there will be times you will be betrayed and broken because of the friends you have right now and are going to make in the future. There will be friends who will be the typical bitch to you even after yiu have saved their shit each time. But you are also going to find great friends. These friends will be very few and will come a little late in your life. I can name all of them but I have already said a lot, resty I want you to figure out. Anvi of any age prefers surprises in life..!!
You know I always thought of things of my past I would want to change. One thing that I really felt like I should have done is love my parents. Ofcourse you love them, but be with them as much as possible. Be a good daughter and sister, I have messed it up a lot of times.
I know what you want to know, about your boyfriend(s). You are going to have relationships and breakups. You are going to hate the love thing at some point. But do not ever give up on finding true fairytale prince. You are getting one in future and he ia going to love you a lot.
A few more things I want you to do. One of them is a little silly but please work on your vovabulary and grammar. I am really facing problems here. And I hope you have not joined the IIT entrance tuitions. Try not to if you haven’t. Or actually do, you will have a gala time there. You are going to hate junior college so don’t get so excited about it. But your graduation is going to be fantastic. You are going to save the environment:-P.
Always be yourself and just love yourself girl, do not think you cant make it ahead. You will be me and than we might have a better us after me.

Finally, say love you to dad and grandad everytime you get a chance. I always feel bad I did not.


P.S. I have no idea who is going to deliver this letter and how. If you get it and can reply, please do.

Day 2: A letter to my 16 self.
A blog to my 50 days – 50 topics challenge.

The meeting with a stranger

She was walking along the old school building. The street was filled with vehicles from both the sides of the road, hawkers selling groceries and pedestrians walking wherever they could find some space. It was twilight and the peak traffic hour. Everybody had an annoyed and irritated face on. Either they were frustrated by the chaotic street or their chaotic lives. I was waiting on the end of the road when I saw her first. She was very noticeable as she was the only life in that crowded hub. She was beautiful in some way, a simple attire and a bathroom bun. Her headphones were on and she was smiling a bit. I guessed her favorite song had just started playing. I was observing her since quite a long time. Though she was not one of those amazingly breathtaking lards, but she was the one who could attract you. And you would not understand it but you will definitely be lured.    
I had to leave her and move on. I started walking looking ahead for an auto. When I finally found one, I turned to grab my back I had kept near a parked bike. When I turned again, she was there right in front of me. I did not know what to say. I was carried away with her beautiful eyes arranged perfectly at both the sides of her pink nose. Her color was wheatish which suited her purple top very well. She asked me with a shaky voice which definitely needed help. She wanted a lift till a place halfway to my destination. I was okay with it, I had to be ok rather.
The auto guy was happy as well, he was going to get double the fare. We sat in the auto and headed in the traffic. She was fiddling with her big blue handbag. Just like every girl, she had dumped everything possible in her bag. I was convinced that a women’s bags are much more mystical than a magicians hat. It is an art to keep a lipstick, a bunch.of keys, an ATM card and the laundry bill all at the same place without losing any of it. She saw I was staring at her, and so said that she was looking for her cell phone in the bag. She looked at me and gave a big smile. She just found her cell phone in her jeans pocket and she was laughing over her dumb search. I was not surprised by this. I had quite a few girlfriends with similar habits. I asked her what did she do. Turned out that she was a Marketing Manager in Radio Mirchi.
She explained how she had to travel all over the country. She was basically from Pune but was out most of the times after college. Recently she moved back here. It is a good fact that I am a good listener, she did talk a lot. She was pretty lively and full of excitement. I answered few of her questions explaining that I was actually trying to search for something I am interested in and was basically doing nothing so great in the mean time. She seemed to be impressed by that, which was a little strange though. We were together for a few minutes, but she was quite a good company. In say about 15 minutes we discussed our individual lives, the pathetic city traffic and the Indian Politics. We reached her destination. She said thanks to me and was getting down the auto. She looked back at me and put her hands forward saying,

“By the way, it was pleasure meeting you.”

“The pleasure was all mine.”

Blog written for my 50 day – 50 topics challenge.

The Generation of Selfies

It is quite impossible to find a person of our generation and of the proceeding ones who has never ever clicked a selfie of his own. The easy availability of a camera on cell phones and tabs has made people go crazy with clicking pictures. And a special thankyou to the front camera and the self timer that nobody needs help for a good click.

I will start with what exactly selfies are. To click your own mirror image or your own self is the asic meaning of a self pic or selfie or self portrait. There must be some photography technical word for it also, but I am not aware of it. Basically selfies did not exactly get popular right now. The “clicking your mirror image” trend had started right in the 1990’s by some cliche royalty chick who was probably bored and self obsessed. So that is when it started. Recently this trend is popularising due to the growing technology and IT. I applaud all those people who could actually manage making some computer language stuff that can click and save photos and share them on every website. It is kinda cool for me as am not into softwares and blah blah.

Anyway, the fact that a woman started the selfie stuff actually gives an explanation for why women are more into clicking their own pictures. I am not being a sexist here, but girls this is really true. When I open my watsapp contact list, I can see tons of selfies. They are all a mixture of wierd, slutty, funny, beautiful and cute pictures. There are some girls pouting and sucking in lung full air , some giving expressions as if they are going to fart any minute, some actually giving a million dollar worth smile and some make wierd postures and positions. I genuinely hope they do not use these positions elsewhere:-P. It so happens at times that the self pictures which were supposed to look hot turn out slutty and cute turns out bad. I love looking at all those pictures but, they are refreshingly funny at times.

When I said there are majority of women who try to click hot and sexy pictures of themselves, I never mean that no men try it. There are a breed of men who are getting into this business as well. The most common place for a guy to click himself is in a gym or infront of a mirror showing his nicely built body (in very rare cases, mostly men are very delusional with their bodies). Guys click a self picture when they want to flaunt something. Ut can be their bodies, a new pair of sunglasses, a sexy sultry bike or some nice classic place they visit.
But guys are getting closer to the self pics now. And most of them who do this are either single or fed up of their girlfriends.

I do not say that clicking your own pictures or using editors is bad. It is kinda fun, especially when there is no other good job to do or your watsapp and bbm dp is probably gone old and you need an urgent replacement. And yeah I do believe in “Flaunt it if you have it”. But yeah flaunt it only if you have it. The thin line between classic pictures and wanna be ish is really easy to cross. Be yourself and maybe you might get a less lunatic selfie.

This article is just a personal view. Not every part is a fact. Infact my watsapp DP is a selfie as well. I hope it falls in the good category.  😛

Live In Relationship..!!

Everyone who has watched the movie “Shudh Desi” or has heard about it must know the basic idea of Live In Relationships potrayed in it. The whole idea of Indian youth opting for live in relationships rather than full life marraige commitments is something new and quite a bold move to show the changing dynamics of Indian culture. Every couple would want to move in acnd stay together like that all life. Maybe some of them must have already tried it. But is the whole live in concept as fun and naughty as we all have started thinking of it. Well, I recently met two of my school buddies who are currently living with their boyfriends which has changed my views towards it. Spending 3 days with them I have got to know a lot about their lives with their respective “Chhavas” as I would say.

Anyways, so I have two friends – though they wouldn’t mind me taking their names, I choose to keep anonymity and name them Honey and Chilli. The names say it all about their characteristics and personalities. Let me first write down their brief introduction and their back stories.

Honey is a very humble, caring and a sweet person. She has seen the middle class, youngest kid of the family and feeling suffocated and strangled phase in her life. Hence, decided to go to a different city and leave all the ties and knots behind to start a new life. This decision was when she was 16. She lived in a hostel to continue her education and as it happens in every students life, she happened to meet a guy and the same old love happened. At the mere age of 18, they decided to move in. Ofcourse the parents do not know and somehow they have managed this for the past 4 years. There was a few months gap due to technical issues I would not get into. But moral of the story being they were the dream couple for so many. Living in, going parties, study together, travel together and so much without even giving your parents a slight sniff about it. There are so many couples out there who would want to live their life.

The other friend, Chilli, is like her name. She is hot, sexy and can make heads turn around. She is one bitch who would not shy around the world or live with double standards. She is raised by her mother alone but that has never let her down in confidence. Though she does every thing that the society does not approve of but she is not a two faced chick to hide it. She had come to this city for her graduation. She did find a few guys here but she found herself comfort with a guy of her old place. They too fell in love but the raunchy style. Recently, a few months back they moved in and now live together.

So these were my two school time besties. We had a night in at Honey’s home as her boyfriend was out of town. We were partying, trying all party outfits, planning for a nice vacation and watching sex and the city. I do not know if it was Carrie’s break up with Big B or was it the port wine, but soon our topic of discussion was ‘Boyfriends’. And in a matter of seconds it shifted to ‘Live in’.

Chilli  in her direct blunt tone stated, “Anvi never get in a live in with your boyfriend. It is worse than getting married.”

Honey looked at Chilli and shouted,”Did you listen to me? Anvi I told her not to. You know I was the dumbest to move in at the stupid age of 18, I did not know what love was and I jumped into this decision out of excitement and now I am just like a housewife.”

Only thing I could do was listen to the two frustrated with Live – In ladies in front of me. It was a serious topic of discussion here I was the one getting adviced.

“Anvi, the anticipation is gone. You know the relation is way past the expiry date. All that is left is the habit we have of each other, no love.”

Chilli sipped her wine and continued, “I want my boyfriend to cuddle me and he wants the same. But it just does not happen. Staying in the same house we do not have time for eachother. We have different dreams and different goals and one house is not able to fulfil both our dreams.”

The whole environment got a little serious now. It was as if they were pouring their hearts out.

Honey also had a lot in store. She was the one who would never conplaint till it reaches the last level of her patience.
“You know what 3 years in a live in relationship, I moulded myself into his expectations. I loved him for his spontaneous and carefree nature. His creativity and art was what attracted me. And now he has left it all, the guy I fell in love with is gone. What am I waitung for?”

Both of them had to say that their love was lost somewhere in the live in arrangement. The daily monetory tensions, the household chores, the sex related issues and so many other things that are actually marital problems are faced by the both of them everyday. Listening to them I felt how did people survive marraige. The older generations did not even know their partners before marraige. So what is going wrong with us. It sure is not the problem of commitments. Because live in relationship is nuthn but a short term marraige arrangement. The legalities are not involved, that is it. Thinking a little deeper I felt it is our generation who is confused between love and life. We are losing the emotional aspects in our life and each one has their own ambitions, dreams and none want to compromise those. Even in these two cases, love was not lost, it was just hidden there or burdened under a load of expectations and aspirations. Honey and chilli are of two different category altogether, yes they made an early decision of live in but now even they are not able to get out of it.

Commitments are a part of life and live in relations are sure bot going to get you out of it. There might be a few happily commited and lovingly living together without marraige. But the ratio is high for the ones with unsuccesful relationships. My friends were quiet after that, maybe thinking over their worked up lives.

When I asked them why they were still with the live in, they had same answers.

“Maybe there is some part of me that loves him.”

My first Liebster ..!!

So one day I open my Indiblogger account and get a mail which said “I am happy to nominate you the Liebster Award” from my Blog mate Namrata Kumari. My first reaction was a confused “Huh”. I was totally unaware of what exactly this was. Using my all time savior Google, I searched for what Liebster was exactly. I liked the whole idea of an award to promote good and upcoming bloggers for encouraging and motivating them and I was obliged to get this token of encouragement and was very excited. In fact, I can write down a whole thank you speech one would say when receiving an award:-P.
So, here it is my First Liebster Award – this is motivated me to write more and better. And THANKS A TON NAMRATA
Before I go further, I would like to write down a few things about Liebster Awards one must know.
Liebster is German word and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, and lovely. This award was started by the Germans and was given to new bloggers or less famous bloggers who had less access to the public. This award recognizes good bloggers who have just started out their blog journey.
Here are some rules relating to this award. They are:
  1. Link back the nominator of the award (why not show some love back as well!  :))
  2. Nominate 10 more bloggers (except the nominator) and inform them.
  3. Answer the questions asked by the nominator.
  4. Ask 10 questions from those you nominated.

So, these are the questions that Namrata had asked me,

1.     What little do you do for your society?
Ø  I am not a person to go out of the way to do good for the society. I do my little by helping kids struggling on the road, taking part in awareness camps, trying my best to not harm the environment and I will be voting soon.
2.    Hollywood or Bollywood?
Ø  I have always been a hard core fan of long length movies with overrated drama and too many songs. It has to be Bollywood. 
3.    Which cartoon show was your favorite?
Ø  I used to watch all the cartoons of Pogo and Cartoon Network. My favorites as such were many but there were two cartoons I used to collect a lot of merchandise of, Powerpuff Girls and Pokemon.
4.    One movie I can see again and again
Ø  Jab We Met – koi doubt mat rakhna:-P
5.    One word that defines me
Ø  Flivorous – I am never serious about anything in life. I guess I am still searching my purpose.
6.    Who inspires you the most?
Ø  My mother
7.    You can give up a million dollars for
Ø  Nothing..!!! I mean seriously who would?
8.    FB or Twitter?
Ø  FB, I am not a Tweet person yet.
9.    A book that can change one’s lives?
Ø  Many lives, one master – incredible journey of soul. It can change the perspective of life for every one of us.
10. Happiness is?
Ø  Me, my diary and my headphones.
So, now I continue the tradition of Liebster and nominate 10 other bloggers for this memento of appreciation. I hope you all accept it.
Congratulations guys…!!
After the nominations, these are a few questions I would like to ask you:
1.     What are those little things you do to make our planet green?
2.    What superhero power would you want to have?
3.    One song that you can dance on anytime and anywhere.
4.    Describe yourself in 1 sentence.
5.    What if you woke up one day as “Bill Gates”?
6.    What would your first reaction be if you happen to win in KBC?
7.    Mika Singh or Honey Singh?
8.    One angelic characteristic and one devil characteristic of you.
9.    Which book you would want to make into a movie?
10. What importance does writing have in your life?
And here, I successfully complete my Liebster nomination steps…!!
Congratulations to all the nominations and sorry for the weird questions, I am a little bad in framing rapid fires. I had to actually take inspiration from Koffee with Karan for this.

Finally again a thankyou to all who believe that I write good, it means a lot to me..
Tc people..keep blogging..!!

Never always well begun – Part 7

Pallika was still fiddling with her food and smiling to herself. And her mother was still observing her. Both of them came back to the real world when the door bell rang. Pallika’s father stood up ignoring the bell, he went inside with his copy of The Hindu. Her mother had to call the maid to attend the door. As soon as the maid opened the door, Pallika heard someone calling her name in a familiar sweet and squeaky voice. It was Prutha. She had come to Kolhapur in the morning and was going to stay with her parents for a few days. Pallika had a big wide smile seeing Prutha. She was very happy and rushed towards Prutha and pulled her towards the bedroom before she got engaged in a conversation with her mother.
They were seated in the bedroom for a long time giggling and gossiping. That was when Prutha asked Pallika,
“Palli, do you any guy named Gaurav?”
“Huh?” Pallika was shocked listening to Gaurav’s name from Prutha. She never mentioned anything about him to anyone. She pretended dumb and replied as if she did not know what Prutha was saying.
“You don’t know anybody by this name?”
“Nope I guess”
“Great, I will ask Siddhartha to talk to this Gaurav fella. Some cheapster I guess. Since the day we had been to the disc he has been calling me like a maniac asking for you.”
Pallika was again in her trance, she remembered telling Gaurav,
“Do you believe in fairytale love stories?”
“Nope, waste of time”
“Come on, seriously? Everybody has a fairytale in their life. You just need to search for it”
“Really? What fairytale does our story have?”
“You have a vivid imagination” he said this to Pallika laughing a little. Paying no heed to his joke, Pallika continued her explanation,
“We met in a party and we saw eachother. There was something that attracted us. And we know nothing about eachother except for our names. I will probably never meet you again. But that is our end. We are the tragic part of the Cindrella story”
Gaurav caught hold of Pallika’s hand and danced in the dim lights of the disc. Though the music was David Guetta, they managed to catch the beats of Enrique and danced holding eachother. Gaurav whispered in Pallika’s ears,
“Unless I search all lands to find my princess”
Pallika was not able to digest the fact that Gaurav had actually taken her fairytale story idea so seriously. They had something that night but he had clearly forgotten the line that distinguishes reality and imagination. This was not a fairyworld and she definitely was not Cindrella.
On the other hand Gaurav was having his seventh shot of espresso. He was soon going to go bonkers with the increasing caffeine. His phone rang and he gave a big sigh of relief listening to the phone ring. He picked up and after listening to the voice on the other side he said,
“Son of a Bitch, Jeet its you looser, I thought it was somebody else”
“Are you insane? Are you still into the club girl? You are a freak.”
“Shut up. Tell me why you have called me. I am expecting an important call.”
“Dude, this is something you might love. You said your girl’s name was Pallika. You could not acces her on FB because probably her profile was deactivated. I just ran a search on google, found a chick from Kolhapur with the name Pallika.”
“Yes boss. I owe a you a treat. I found a girl named Pallika who is on blogspot  She had a story published that was similar to your. I bet you she is your girl. “
“Yeah right, and now you would say that a movie about us is about to release with Deepika and Ranvir playing the leads.”
“I knew you will not believe me. So much for being a good friend. Anyway, sending you a link on watsapp, check it dude.”
Gaurav swore he will not even have espresso ever, alchohol being definitely out of consideration. He thought he was hallucinating and imagining all the crap Jeet just mentioned. And Pallika could write a blog was a little unbelievable for him. She never did seem like the “Writer” type. Actually he did not even know what writers looked like but he was sure Pallika was not that kind. Nevertheless, he opened the link Jeet had sent.
When he was just about to read the end of the blog, his phone rang and the window shit down. He picked up the call.
That voice was what he was wanting to listen since long. This was her, finally.
“You finally get time to talk? Wasn’t it easier for you to jist call me back once? Your friend never told you I called so much. It wasn’t all that necessary to write a whole blog on me.”
“Gaurav, I am home now. So never knew you were on hunt for me. What are you upto?”
“Nothing much really. Just had to go through the whole web trying to look for you.”
Pallika laughed a little and was about to reply when Prutha cut her in between,
“Pallika, your Ajay is downstairs.”
Pallika lost all words. Gaurav felt something was wrong. He spoke to Pallika.
“Your Ajay? This is getting more interesting.”
“Save this number. Never call or text on this until I tell u.”
“Not again”
Gaurav was satisfied that he finally could talk to his mystery girl. But the conversation made her more mysterious.
Pallika cut the call and looked at Prutha. She was wearing a look which maybe meant “What the hell!”. Pallika knew she was going wrong, but since the night in the disc all she wanted to do wrong and make mistakes. It made her happy.
She went downstairs with Prutha to meet her fianceê. Ajay was waiting in the sitting room. He was wearing a formal white shirt and black trousers. His hair was neatly combed with a centre partition.
Prutha whispered to Pallika, “He looks like a perfect waiter”
Pallika laughed, her giggling noise made Ajay look towards them. He came closer and hugged Pallika.
“So my lady love is looking gorgeous this morning.” He pinched Pallika on her shoulders and looking towards Prutha said , “You know I hate you being with people having low morals and ethics. You continue to disappoint me.”
Pallika was quiet but Prutha retorted back, “That is why I tell her she should leave you.”
“She will never do that. Anyways I was here to meet my love. I will see you again after work.”
“Work?” Prutha asked with a surprise in her tone.
“I am joining my father as a manager in his company.”
“Rest in peace to the company”
Ajay ignored Prutha’s remarks and again hugged Pallika and left. After he left Prutha was ready to leave as well. While on the door she looked at Pallika,
“Think again”