A letter to my 16 self..!!

Dear Me,

Hi. For introductions I am the  future Anvi, like the distant future Anvi of the year 2013. I know you are going to be skeptical reading this letter. But trust me this is as much as a shock to you as it is for me. Just be a little patient and please relax when you are reading this. Do not get hyper.
Last night I had a wierd dream. I saw you (myself when 16) asking me for help. I was not able to listen to you but I knew you were worried over something. When I woke up in the morning I saw a paper and an envelope on the table. There was a small note there saying, “Your past needs help”.
The dream and the note made a little sense. So without thinking again over it, I started with this letter. I do not know what am I supposed to write to you. I do not want to give you any details of the future. It will just ruin your present. So I am just writing this letter as an assurance that you do not need to worry.
I do not know why are you troubled. Frankly, the problems I faced when 16 were not so bad as compared to now. There were no such responsibilities or heartbreaks or friend issues. So whatever you are going through, it is not the end of your life. I know this as I have gone through it.
To start with advices, my first one would be make a lot of mistakes. I had made a lot of them and I dont want you to change any of them. These are the mistakes that will make you what I am today. As a normal teen you are pretty close to your friends. But let me tell you there will be times you will be betrayed and broken because of the friends you have right now and are going to make in the future. There will be friends who will be the typical bitch to you even after yiu have saved their shit each time. But you are also going to find great friends. These friends will be very few and will come a little late in your life. I can name all of them but I have already said a lot, resty I want you to figure out. Anvi of any age prefers surprises in life..!!
You know I always thought of things of my past I would want to change. One thing that I really felt like I should have done is love my parents. Ofcourse you love them, but be with them as much as possible. Be a good daughter and sister, I have messed it up a lot of times.
I know what you want to know, about your boyfriend(s). You are going to have relationships and breakups. You are going to hate the love thing at some point. But do not ever give up on finding true fairytale prince. You are getting one in future and he ia going to love you a lot.
A few more things I want you to do. One of them is a little silly but please work on your vovabulary and grammar. I am really facing problems here. And I hope you have not joined the IIT entrance tuitions. Try not to if you haven’t. Or actually do, you will have a gala time there. You are going to hate junior college so don’t get so excited about it. But your graduation is going to be fantastic. You are going to save the environment:-P.
Always be yourself and just love yourself girl, do not think you cant make it ahead. You will be me and than we might have a better us after me.

Finally, say love you to dad and grandad everytime you get a chance. I always feel bad I did not.


P.S. I have no idea who is going to deliver this letter and how. If you get it and can reply, please do.

Day 2: A letter to my 16 self.
A blog to my 50 days – 50 topics challenge.


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