My first Liebster ..!!

So one day I open my Indiblogger account and get a mail which said “I am happy to nominate you the Liebster Award” from my Blog mate Namrata Kumari. My first reaction was a confused “Huh”. I was totally unaware of what exactly this was. Using my all time savior Google, I searched for what Liebster was exactly. I liked the whole idea of an award to promote good and upcoming bloggers for encouraging and motivating them and I was obliged to get this token of encouragement and was very excited. In fact, I can write down a whole thank you speech one would say when receiving an award:-P.
So, here it is my First Liebster Award – this is motivated me to write more and better. And THANKS A TON NAMRATA
Before I go further, I would like to write down a few things about Liebster Awards one must know.
Liebster is German word and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, and lovely. This award was started by the Germans and was given to new bloggers or less famous bloggers who had less access to the public. This award recognizes good bloggers who have just started out their blog journey.
Here are some rules relating to this award. They are:
  1. Link back the nominator of the award (why not show some love back as well!  :))
  2. Nominate 10 more bloggers (except the nominator) and inform them.
  3. Answer the questions asked by the nominator.
  4. Ask 10 questions from those you nominated.

So, these are the questions that Namrata had asked me,

1.     What little do you do for your society?
Ø  I am not a person to go out of the way to do good for the society. I do my little by helping kids struggling on the road, taking part in awareness camps, trying my best to not harm the environment and I will be voting soon.
2.    Hollywood or Bollywood?
Ø  I have always been a hard core fan of long length movies with overrated drama and too many songs. It has to be Bollywood. 
3.    Which cartoon show was your favorite?
Ø  I used to watch all the cartoons of Pogo and Cartoon Network. My favorites as such were many but there were two cartoons I used to collect a lot of merchandise of, Powerpuff Girls and Pokemon.
4.    One movie I can see again and again
Ø  Jab We Met – koi doubt mat rakhna:-P
5.    One word that defines me
Ø  Flivorous – I am never serious about anything in life. I guess I am still searching my purpose.
6.    Who inspires you the most?
Ø  My mother
7.    You can give up a million dollars for
Ø  Nothing..!!! I mean seriously who would?
8.    FB or Twitter?
Ø  FB, I am not a Tweet person yet.
9.    A book that can change one’s lives?
Ø  Many lives, one master – incredible journey of soul. It can change the perspective of life for every one of us.
10. Happiness is?
Ø  Me, my diary and my headphones.
So, now I continue the tradition of Liebster and nominate 10 other bloggers for this memento of appreciation. I hope you all accept it.
Congratulations guys…!!
After the nominations, these are a few questions I would like to ask you:
1.     What are those little things you do to make our planet green?
2.    What superhero power would you want to have?
3.    One song that you can dance on anytime and anywhere.
4.    Describe yourself in 1 sentence.
5.    What if you woke up one day as “Bill Gates”?
6.    What would your first reaction be if you happen to win in KBC?
7.    Mika Singh or Honey Singh?
8.    One angelic characteristic and one devil characteristic of you.
9.    Which book you would want to make into a movie?
10. What importance does writing have in your life?
And here, I successfully complete my Liebster nomination steps…!!
Congratulations to all the nominations and sorry for the weird questions, I am a little bad in framing rapid fires. I had to actually take inspiration from Koffee with Karan for this.

Finally again a thankyou to all who believe that I write good, it means a lot to me..
Tc people..keep blogging..!!

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