Never always well begun – Part 8

Pallika used to be in her room all day. Her parents thought she was upset. But in reality all she did was talk to Gaurav all the time. They spoke on the phone or text eachother. It went on for days and Pallika took good care to remain undetected. She had started smiling quite often and was in a good mood most of the times. Ajay used to come meet her at her house. That was the only time she did not talk to Gaurav.

Gaurav was happy as well. He was getting to know his stranger very well now. His vacations were getting over and now it was time for him to leave back for Pune.

“I am leaving for Pune today.”

Pallika replied in a soft tone,”I wish I could come there.”

“What is stopping you? You ahould come here. You know you should continue with your job or why don’t you find a job as a writer. You are good.”

“I cannot. I am getting married in 2 weeks.”

“Yet you talk to me all day and night.”

“Fine. I will stop”

“Pallika I like you. I won’t even marry you now or propose you because our life has just started. What are we? 22-23?? I can promise you that I will be there for you and support you for every dream you want to live. You said you wanted to travel, I do not assure that I will be there in every trip of yours, but I will be waiting for your pictures and stories of your new adventures. I do not want a commitment where you will have to live my wishes, I want you to grow individually as a person. And I know that is what even you want. I am not going to come to Kolhapur and fight with your parents and your looser fianceê, if you want to make your life you are the one who has stand and fight for it. I will be there as your sidekick.”

Pallika was almost in tears. All these days she had got close to him.
“Gaurav I want to say something”
“Yes you may”
“I am marrying Ajay because I made a mistake with him. I had an abortion when ina relationship with him.”

There was silence for a few minutes. Gaurav replied in a very sarcastic way.
“I thought you were a modern girl who was meant to fly.”


“Are you mad? A 21st century girl who is ruining her life just because her boyfriend did not have the balls to use protection?”

Gaurav cut her and spoke very stern.
“Listen Pallika, I am not going to judge you for this. You made a mistake, let me tell you I have made many. If you are ashamed of yourself than do not expect anybody to respect you. You do not have to go through this torture just for this. This is the lamest reason ever.”

“No yaar. What if nobody accepts me?”

“Here I am saying that I freaking am falling for you. And even after knowing it I am still falling for you. And you think nobody would accept you? I love you girl.”

“Yeah but I made a mistake”

“Have you seen the Ugly Truth?”


“I just said I love you”

Pallika forgot everything they had spoken. She was blushing and had become pink when she realized what had happened.

“Hello?Pallika are you there?”


“I do not want your reply. I just want you to know that there is somebody who loves you and is not bothered by your mistakes.”

Pallika was quiet again. Gaurav asked her to call back when she was back to senses. He was happy he spoke his heart out. He left for Pune with a hope that she would come there soon.


Never always well begun – Part 6

Days passed and she was in Kolhapur, her home town. Her freedom was just for a few days. Her dream was over, she had to open her eyes and face the truth. And the truth was she was getting married very soon. Sooner or later she had to get habituated to it. It was just another day for Pallika, she woke up to see another day and again found herself in her bedroom decorated with her smiling pictures and using purple everywhere. Her mother was calling her for breakfast. She got up, washed her face and saw herself in the mirror. Her eyes were loosing the charm due to the growing dark circles. Her tired looking face added to the deteriorating glamor she had.

She walked down to the dining room, where her parents were waiting for her. Her father was an army officer, quite strict but he used to be out of the city most of the times. Her mother was a housewife, she was the sweetest mom anybody could have. She was her bestfriend, and she knew Pallika was not happy with the marraige. But she could not dare say it to her husband. So she always tried to cheer up her little daughter. She looked at Pallika and said

“Beta, come eat.”

She walked down and sat next to her chair. Her father did not speak with her since Ajay told him of the night in Pune. She was relieved, no talk was better than the never ending discipline related lectures for her. She was quietly eating everything served in the plate. She did not bother of what was going on around her. The news channel dramatically exagerating the wardrobe malfunction of some model, her mother trying to make a conversation with he father or the utencil sounds the maid was making in the kitchen. None of these sounds were registered by her brain. She was lost again.

“Chance mar raha hai?”
Pallika whispered in Gaurav’s ears when he held her hands when they were seated in the bar.

“You don’t want me to do that?”

Pallika did not reply, she just held his hands tight and came a little closer to him.

“Tell me were you really going to kiss me? And why me?”


He came closer to her and looked into her eyes. When she was just about to ask her what he was upto, he pulled her cheeks hard.

Screaming aloud she said ,”What is wrong with you Gaurav? Why did you do that?”


Both of them started laughing at the incident.

This memory was enough for Pallika to smile a little. Her mother was observing her. Her mother knew she was not smiling for Ajay, it was something else or maybe somebody else. She was worried now, Ajay’s father and her husband were friends. So when Ajay had come to ask for their marraige, it did not make much of a chaos. Infact, her husband was happy with Pallika’s choice. After a few months of engagement when Pallika had mentioned that Ajay was suffocating her amd mentally torturing her, her father said that it was due to Pallika’s frivolities. He did not believe her and never support her. The new turn that Pallika’s life had taken was quite obvious to her mother. As said a mother can tell what is happening in her childrens life just by seeing her their face.

So was the case with Gaurav’s mother. Gaurav was home in Jabalpur for a few days. He did not speak much and was always busy doing something on the phone. He hardly met his friends or spent time playing mischiefs on his mother. The shy Gaurav was very open and fun when back home. But this time his mother knew he was lost into something or maybe somebody.

Never always well begun – Part 5

He found the cell phone in the side pocket of the jacket. All the upsetting and sad feelings of loosing her just got turned into hope and happy.

He was fiddling with his cell phone to retrieve the call list, but unfortunately it was switched off. He banged the car door out of frustration and rushed up to his flat. He kept his phone for charging and was restlessly waiting for it to breathe in a little life. Jeet was staring at him the whole time. He was confused and the hangover headache was anyway annoying him. Finally he asked Gaurav,
“What is going on with you?”
There was no reply. Gaurav had not listened to him, he was busy with the only thing that was his chance to find this mystery girl.

Jeet shouted out, “Dude are you okay? Never seen you like this for a girl.”

“She wasn’t just a girl, I want to meet her again.”

“Are you makin your ‘love at first sight’ saga or something?”

“No I am not in love, but something was incomplete yesterday. I got attracted to her like never before. There was definitely a connection but I can’t say what it was. I have to see her again. I got to do it soon.”

“Your hangover is gotten even worse than I had thought of.”

“You might think I am not in perfect senses, but I cannot get her out my head.”

As he was saying this, the phone switched on. He than ignored to whatever Jeet had to say. He opened his recent call list and then he found it. There it was the phone number that Pallika had dialed last. He finally took a sigh of relief seeing the number but was equally nervous as he did not know what to say to her. In these swirling tornado of emotions, he finally called on the number. After several rings he got an engaged tone. Somebody was ignoring his calls. He tried over and over again, but got the same response. In fact after a few trials a machine generated voice mentioned the phone number he was trying to reach was currently out of coverage area. He was pissed and clenched the phone tightly in his fist.

His behavior worried Jeet, the self centered and disciplined roomie had just lost his cool – and all this for a stranger he had met a night before.

“Are you leaving for home today?”

Gaurav forgot about it, he had to go home today for almost a month. He would be away from Pune, this made his chances of meeting Pallika much more bleak. He sat on his bed helpless and disappointed. Never in his life he felt something so strong for someone. He could not get Pallika and her beautiful brown eyes out of his mind. He did not know if it was love or something else. But whatever it was, his life about to change.

Her life was going to change too – it was going to change for good. The previous night when Pallika reached home in a one piece and vodka stinking all over from her, Ajay was on the door ready for a welcome. Ajay was fair, average height and had a fairly good built. But his eyes were grey and shallow, and something in him was disturbing and upsetting. He looked at Siddhartha who had accompanied the girls to drop them safely. He chuckled and spoke,
“So you have made new friends darling?”, He looked at Siddharth and continued,”She probably forgot introducing me, I am Ajay, her fianceê. You must be her new city entertainment?”

Siddharth was trying to seep in the question Ajay had just asked. Pallika replied back to Ajay,”What are you talking Ajay?”

He walked in the house pulling Pallika with him directly in the bedroom. He closed the doors and sat next to Pallika to talk,
“So why is a stranger dropping you home at this hour of night?”

“I am sorry, but it is not what you think. He is Prutha’s friend and he just meant to be polite.”

“Prutha – the bitch friend who hates me since the beginning. Did you see the way she was looking at me.”

“Ajay, listen you are angry now so you are not understanding the point. We can talk over this later.”

“Yeah right, I have the whole day tomorrow and then the whole night in the train.”


“You are coming with me home, I had a talk to your father as well. Plus, your brother in law is getting married. You have to be there.”

“I have work here Ajay.”

“Did I forget mentioning you our marraige dates are preponed by a year. We are going to be a married couple in a month now. Hardluck you won’t see any of your boyfriends again.”

Pallika had no words. She was stunned, her cheeks were again wet with tears flowing down. She lost all the freedom she was getting after a long time. She had gone through a lot when she had to convince her family and Ajay to let her work in Pune for a year before marraige. And now, just two.months and she had to leave everything behind. She knew there was no point in arguing with Ajay, it would just result in a few bruises and venom filled remarks by Ajay. She remained silent and sat on the corner of the bed trying to hold herself.

Ajay opened the door and saw Prutha sitting with Siddharth on the sofa. He went to them and started acting as if nothing had happened. He was normal as ever and was conversing with Siddharth in a very well mannered tone. Prutha did not want things to mess up further so she signalled Siddharth to leave. She text him saying she would let him know if Ajay causes any trouble to any of them. Siddharth left even though he did not want to. It was Prutha who hold his hands when he was about to back answer Ajay when he spoke ill of Pallika outside the main door.

Ajay went out of the flat to smoke his menthol filled ciggarette. Prutha rushed in the bedroom, shut the door and sat next to Pallika. She was still crying over her pathetic life.

“Why don’t you leave him?”

Sobbing and fighting her tears back, Pallika managed to reply.
“You know the reason.”

“Your reason is pathetic. You cannot live with someone like him all your life just because of that one reason.”

“Anyways nobody would accept me after listening to my past.”

“You are an educated nd modern girl – what makes you think that nobody would accept you?”

“Ask Siddharth if he would accept a girl who went blind in love and crossed all her boundaries”, she paused for a second and than said,”So much so that she had to go through an abortion.”

“It was a mistake you did Pallika, Ajay was different then, he loved you and now whatever he has for you is definitely not love. You are not only suffocating with him but also compromising on your integrity and personal life. You are making one hasty decision.”

Pallika was quiet. She was in the past thinking of how she had fallen in love with her handsome and dynamic college senior – Ajay Malik. They had met during a college fest and since than had become friends. Soon they were dating eachother. The first year of their relationship was great, during their anniversary they had gone to Goa, where Pallika had made love for the first time. It was special for her until two months later she found she was pregnant and she had to go through an abortion. After that incident Ajay had become more possesive. Ajay graduated a year before Pallika – but he had gone so insane in love, he dropped his job offer and stayed on campus for Pallika. He went everywhere she had to go, and never let her out of sight. When they fought he blackmailed her that he would talk about the abortion to her family. Pallika did not want her parents to feel embarassed of her, so she always gave in the argument. Slowly Ajay’s love for Pallika was overpowered by insecurity and fear. He could not take Pallika talking to any other male. The love they shared was now getting difficult for Pallika. it was suffocating her. She had started resenting his attitude and behavior. But she could not leave him. She knew she had no option but him. She had made a mistake in love and now she had to live with it.

Prutha was still trying to convince Pallika, her phone started ringing. The light flashed some unkown number.  She did not want to attend the call in between the discussion so she cut the phone immediately. But the one calling probably had his back on fire, he kept calling again and again. The Truecaller app on the phone indicated somebody by the name of Gaurav owing the number. Prutha did not know him, so deliberately put her phone on flight mode to avoid any more calls. She wanted to concentrate on Pallika alone.

The Mistake..

This is one incident that had moved me. All such instances justifies all messages given by shows like Gumraah and Webbed. When you see them you feel it wont ever happen to you. But it proved all wrong after listening to this.

There were two friends who knew eacother since junior college. They were good friends since then. Kavish and Anki – both of them were like buddies. They never considered eachother more than that, but always shared a great bond. After junior college, things changed a little. Anki stayed in the same city and had a different lot of friends. She even got close to a guy in that group and started dating him. On the other hand, Kavish was out for his further studies. He lived his life king size. New friends, partying most of the times and always some hot chick near him. As time passed by, the two of them had reduced their contact. It wasn’t deliberate, but they both got busy with their lives. Graduation was over, both of them gad lived their ups and downs.

Co-incidentally both Anki and Kavish came together in the same city for their post graduation. This was the time they met again. They were very happy to be together in the same place, remembering of all the past moments, sharing with eachother the things they had missed and making a lot of future plans. Kavish was a party person and he had a lot of girlfriends but always the wrong ones. He wouldn’t stay constant with one. He had a party to attend and wanted a girl to company him. He asked Anki to come along with him, he got a company amd plus he wanted to introduce Anki to two of his very good friends – Rajiv and Sukant.

Anki was fine with the plans. She was excited and happy that she finally would get to see the much hyped night life of the city. She did not even care to ask Kavish who all would be there and where they were going to stay for the night.

Both of them went to the party. Anki was smart but sometimes she made silly mistakes. This was one of those. She met Rajiv and Sukant. Rajiv was a little older than the rest of them. Sukant seemed okay ish, he was with a girl. Being a people person she immediately meshed up in It was hard to guess that they all had met her that very day. Everyone was either into hookah, alchohol or both. Anki was talking and dancing with both Kavish and Rajiv. Sukant was with his gf and he left a little early for Kavish’s flat. He apparantly had to reserve for the bedroom. Almost nobody except Anki and Kavish were in their senses. Around 4 AM, all of them went to Kavish’s flat in his car. The couple was already in so the three decided to rest in the hall. They were so tired with the dance and booze that they just slept off wherever they found a place. Kavish slept first, Anki and Rajiv were still talking for quite a long time. Somehow they slept off, not realizing when.

In this, Anki did not understand but somebody had put a hand on her when sleeping. After some time she could feel a warm breathe near her neck. She instantly got up and turned to see somebody holding her with his arms and sleeping next to her. She was shocked to see Rajiv, Kavish’s friend. He seemed to be in deep sleep, so she moved away from him and slept facing his back to him. After some time, she could feel the same hand was now moving all around her back. She was scared and at the same time a little embarased. She turned towards Rajiv and asked what was he doing. He opened his eyes and started touching her lips. Anki was feeling grossed out by now. She asked him to stop and got up. Rajiv forced her down on the bed again and grabbed her. She shouted but it was dark and nobody responded. Rajiv crossed his limits and tried kissing Anki, forced her and abused her. When she shouted and asked him to leave, he told her to calm down and enjoy. Finally Anki hit him hard on his face and kicked him. It was around 6.30-7 in the morning when all of it happened. She felt wretched and dirty. Though Kavish was in the same room, he did not respond to her shouts. She wanted to leave the place and run away. She was shivering and scared, but did not want to show herself weak. She got up, washed her face, took her bag and left for her hostel. Nobody knew whe. she left except Rajiv who was shamelessly seeing her leave. After that day nor did Anki or Kavish had any contacts. It was as if they were strangers again. Anki did recieve a text from Rajiv though, which said
“Do not take me seriously when I am a devil. I thought you wanted to do it as well. Anyways hope to see you soon dear.”

Anki was angry and she did not know what to do or who to tell this. Her boyfriend would blame her and so would her parents. And it is obvious. Being a girl I am not just being biased for her. She was at fault to go out late night with people she did not know except for some childhood friend who had changed to extents that she did not. But that was her only mistake. A mistake that could ruin her life.

But she was not at fault for being an extrovert or having a modern approach of life. I do not feel it was wrong of her to talk to a guy or dance with him with limits drawn. It was Rajiv’s mentality that was at fault. I do not understand why are girls who dress modern, have many male friends or talk openly with all considered as easily available. If a girl has a boyfriend or if she has had intimate relations with somebody than that is her personal life. Nobody should get judgemental about a girl’s integrity or character just with the way she lives. Anki still feels wretched and stays away from new friends and parties and Rajiv still tries to get laid with any and every girl he finds prey. Who is at fault here now and who should change?

The Wishing Lamp

“My lantern just floated away in the air. And I was there with a lot of them around me. Hardly anybody knew what exactly had happened. Nobody knew why I was smiling so much or rather say blushing.”

It all started with my tantrums – I so wanted one of those “tangled” lamps floating around in the skies. Lately, there were a lot of them seen. He being the one who loved me had to go get one ofcourse. That was mandatory for him – especially after 5 years of our sweet and salty love affair. We were net buddies in the start, met eachother after a lot of chatting anf texting. Initially, we werent at all serious with eachother, we thought our relation would not last more than 3 months. But than cupid had dicferent plans, we fell hard for eachother. 5 years but we were still the same newbie lovers. Today evening all my friends, he and me went up on the terrace to light those lamps. All of us had wishes written on our lamps. He did look a little off and wierd to me then. I thought he was upset on me or maybe he was just trying to like all the lamp and wishes stuff – i knew he wasnt into any of it. I asked him to help me light my lamp. He lit the fuel and we were waiting for the lantern to light. Both of us were holding it facing opposite to eachother. The terrace was completely dark. He looked handsome in the yellow lamp light. I was staring at him, smiling for what all he did for me. Almost all the time I was looking at him, admiring him. He was looking at me too, but he was quite nervous about something. His wierd expressions were quite funny.

The lamp was almost ready to float away – we just had to leave it. Everybody around us had left their lamps to go away somewhere unknown. They were all cheering and shouting and guessing of where their lamp would go. Nobody saw us standing still.

Just before I could ask him to leave our lamp, he looked at me and murmured something.
I asked him what he was saying. That was when he asked to me let go of the lamp. Our lamp was just above our heads when he came closer to me, held my hands and looking at me asked the one question that I was dreading to answer for years

“Will you marry me?”

It was unbelievable. I am a romance freak and something like this was the peak of being romantic. The best moment in my life – in the light of our lamp floating away, I saw him asking me this. I wished the moment never came to an end. I wished we could juat be like that forever. I did not even need to answer him, my rarely occurring combination of “smile and tears” said it all. I looked at him and hugging him tight said YES.

This was it; never expected situation. I kinda freaked out a little, but he always knows how to control the hyper side of me. He just kissed me on my forehead and said, “Relax honey, I am yet to propose you with your bollywood film style – getting on my knees and a dianond ring” I laughed at him. And then we were standing there seeing our lamp go away , in the dark, enjoying our defining moment. I was holding his hands tightly and he was holding me in his arms. In this he asked me,

“By the what was your wish on the lamp?”

“You just fulfilled it”

A Small Message..!!

After a long time I am writing something, this gap was basically because of the annoying work load and the “other” problems circling around my life. Finally, there were crackers showering light in the dark, that is, I got a 10 day leave for Diwali. Going home after two months of job torture and weird experiences in this city, I can totally understand the importance of Diwali day to Lord Rama who was away from home for 14 freaking years, that too with twists and turns everywhere.
Anyways, so in this holiday mood and Diwali bonus excitement I had been for shopping yesterday. It was a bliss to use your own earned hard cash for your family. The money I earned working for 30 whole days, I did not think twice spending a lot of it in hardly 3 hours. I was on the streets of F.C., hunting down a few shops and then J.M was the next destination. With all the colored jewellery and shining clothes, I hardly realized my hunger craves. When they were impossible to avoid, I finally had to pause down and eat something. I ordered a chocolate sandwich; I was told the guy on F.C makes them very yummy. While waiting for my order I observed a strange thing there.
There were 3 kids nearby; one was around a 15 year old guy who was taking orders on the sandwich stall where I ordered mine. He had this “Happy Dent” smile on his face each time he took some order. His loud typical tone repeating the order to the cook inside and the way he managed the crowds was really impressive. The best part about him was his spiked hair and the music player he kept near his table. 
The second guy I saw was sitting a little farther with wood bangles. He was fat, short and not more than 12 years of age. He was seating there munching chips when a girl came there asking him the rate of a few bangles. The girl tried hard to bargain with the kid, but he convinced her with his sweet talks to buy the bangles without compromising for a rupee. This fella had a huge smile when the girl left after buying things from him.
The third guy was a mere 5 year old selling heart shaped balloons. He was so smart that he would deliberately go to couple standing and ask the girls if they wanted balloons. Rarely, couples especially the ones “newly committed” would refuse buying something as romantic as a heart shaped balloon. Plus, the guy was so cunning; he would make a sad and innocent face to people who would not buy anything from him. The sympathy trick worked well for him most of the times.
There were many such working kids there. It seems they work everyday, they have no festive vacations or no celebrations. In fact, festivals are always more hectic and busy to these little ones. At the age where Diwali is a source of fun and enjoyment, for them it is now a source of living. 
Even with little or almost no education these kids were very smart. I mean, think over it, we could hardly manage a tiny game booth in our school fair when 15 years old, let alone a whole food stall on one of the busiest streets of the city. And when 5 year old we could hardly go the neighbor’s house alone, roaming on the streets alone was something never even thought of. Aren’t these kids smart and tough? They can survive, good and bad times, with a smile on their face. This is something that we, the educated, principled and mature grownups cannot do most of the times.
This was a blog just to ask each of you reading it to do something good this Diwali. Something for those working kids – children working on food stalls, kids selling stuff on roads and so many. Maybe we could buy a kid a new dress, or light crackers with all kids who work even on Diwali selling Pooja stuff outside temples or serving people in restaurants, or maybe just roam around all over the city distributing sweets. I remember this coke add a few years back, a group of friends lighting diyas everywhere, we can get a little inspired from it and do something – anything actually. I hope I make somebody happy this Diwali and I wish each one who has read this does it too…
Let’s make this a “Happy Diwali” guys..!!

Arranged with Love – Part 1

She was very restless and nervous. It was quite evident from the way she was strolling up and down the corridor and staring at her cell phone every now and then. Her heartbeats were rising as the clock got closer to 10 PM. She went in front of the mirror to check herself. She tidied her hair up and sprinkled some water on her face, forgetting the fact that she was going to talk over the phone where nobody would see her.
Her phone rang, and she looked at the flashing light. The number on the screen was the same that she was expecting a call from. She picked up the call.
“Hi”, the voice seemed more appealing and sweet today. She replied back in a calm tone, trying not to show her excitement.
“So what have you decided?”
She knew what she had to reply, but was hesitant. Her guts seemed to be twisted hard and she had tickling feelings in her stomach. She gathered all her courage and replied,
“I am ready”
“Ready for?” he asked this though he knew what she meant, but he wanted to tease her a little.
“You know what”
“No, I don’t”
“Okay. So I meant Yes. I will marry you”
This is how their new chapter had started. But the actual story began a few months back. It went something like this.

Tanvi Kulkarni was a 24 year old, Computer Engineer, who belonged to a typical Maharashtrian Brahmin family. Anybody could make it out from her features – tall, straight hair, fair complexion and light colored eyes. Her tone was also totally Brahmni – “shudh” as they say. 

Her family comprised of her mother, a housewife who spent most of her time training Tanvi to be a good house maker. Her father was a Professor teaching Geology, he was strict but could never even raise his voice on her. Her brother was also a Computer Engineer, played both the roles of a Bestfriend and a Brother in her life. Overall, Tanvi was a pampered daughter; she was never devoid of love, care and warmth in her life.
After finishing her Post Graduation, Tanvi went to Pune for a Job. She was very happy there, living an independent life in a flat with 3 of her friends. She was enjoying her life at the fullest. The always happy and smiling Tanvi though was annoyed that day. It was 13th October, her brother’s birthday. She was very excited as she had sent a shirt for him with her own salary. 
She called him,
“Hi, Dada. Happy Birthday, did you get the gift?”
“Yes, I did”
“Such a lame response, did you like it?”
“Ofcourse I did. Listen Mom is asked me to tell you something.”
“Do not panic. We have got a marriage proposal for you through Mom’s friend. The guy works in Mumbai in Accenture as a Software Engineer.”
“Dada, you know I do not want to get married so soon. Plus, I don’t want to marry like this, with some stranger. And not at all if the stranger is somebody related to Computers or Software”
“Atleast see him”
“No way”
“I have mailed you the photos. If you feel like, you can see them”
“Don’t call me again. I don’t want to marry. And tell Mom to find herself a sunbai, she will find a better timepass then to search stupid proposals for me. Bye.”
Tanvi shouted so loudly that even her neighbors must have understood what was going on. It was 8 in the evening, she was in her room.
Listening to her shout, one of her flat mates came rushing inside.
“What happened?”
“Shit happened”
She remained silent all the time after that. She was pissed on the tradition of getting daughters married as soon as they finish their education. She wanted to roam around the world, meet new people, and to understand different cultures and much more. She had dreamed all of this only for herself, she did not imagine a stupid guy standing next to her when clicking a photo outside The Queen’s Palace in U.K. or somebody sharing with her a yummy handmade pizza in Italy.
Nevertheless, after some time she opened her laptop. Sub consciously she even logged in her mail account. She saw a mail from her brother. The subject read “Shree Deshmukh – Photos”
“Shree, such a weird name” Tanvi said it to herself. She ignored that mail and did some other work. After a while, she looked at the mail again.
“Why am I doing this?” She asked herself, she was curious to see the mail, but she also had her ego come in between.
“Anyways, I am not supposed to tell anybody that I saw the photo. And nobody would know” She tried to manipulate herself, and after a lot of self debate, she finally opened her brother’s mail. The mail had an attached copy of the photo, she downloaded it. But there was a confusion followed with frustration when she opened the photo which had two guys standing together outside some mall. Both of them were fair and handsome types, but she did not know who the hell Shree was amongst them.
Finally she called her brother and in a kid like tone asked him,
“Who is Shree out of the two?”
“HaHa, I was expecting your call. You tell me who do you expect your Shree to be?”
“Shut up Dada”
“Y shut up now, you did not want to talk with us right”
“Okay, I am sorry, and I am not serious about this guy. I was just going through the mails and thought of just seeing him once. That is it. I am still not interested”
“Okay, I see. The right hand side guy”
“Okay. See you then”
Tanvi saw the one at the right hand side, somehow she expected the left hand side guy to be Shree, but then she thought it doesn’t really matter who Shree was. She wasn’t going to meet anybody anyways. She turned her laptop off and was about to sleep, when she got a text from her brother.
“Tomorrow at 4 in the evening in Wadeshwar, your Shree would be waiting for you. Sweet dreams”
Tanvi grunted seeing the message, deciding that she was not going to meet any random guy. She kept her cell on silent and threw it as far as possible to avoid any further messages from her brother and went to sleep.