The meeting with a stranger

She was walking along the old school building. The street was filled with vehicles from both the sides of the road, hawkers selling groceries and pedestrians walking wherever they could find some space. It was twilight and the peak traffic hour. Everybody had an annoyed and irritated face on. Either they were frustrated by the chaotic street or their chaotic lives. I was waiting on the end of the road when I saw her first. She was very noticeable as she was the only life in that crowded hub. She was beautiful in some way, a simple attire and a bathroom bun. Her headphones were on and she was smiling a bit. I guessed her favorite song had just started playing. I was observing her since quite a long time. Though she was not one of those amazingly breathtaking lards, but she was the one who could attract you. And you would not understand it but you will definitely be lured.    
I had to leave her and move on. I started walking looking ahead for an auto. When I finally found one, I turned to grab my back I had kept near a parked bike. When I turned again, she was there right in front of me. I did not know what to say. I was carried away with her beautiful eyes arranged perfectly at both the sides of her pink nose. Her color was wheatish which suited her purple top very well. She asked me with a shaky voice which definitely needed help. She wanted a lift till a place halfway to my destination. I was okay with it, I had to be ok rather.
The auto guy was happy as well, he was going to get double the fare. We sat in the auto and headed in the traffic. She was fiddling with her big blue handbag. Just like every girl, she had dumped everything possible in her bag. I was convinced that a women’s bags are much more mystical than a magicians hat. It is an art to keep a lipstick, a bunch.of keys, an ATM card and the laundry bill all at the same place without losing any of it. She saw I was staring at her, and so said that she was looking for her cell phone in the bag. She looked at me and gave a big smile. She just found her cell phone in her jeans pocket and she was laughing over her dumb search. I was not surprised by this. I had quite a few girlfriends with similar habits. I asked her what did she do. Turned out that she was a Marketing Manager in Radio Mirchi.
She explained how she had to travel all over the country. She was basically from Pune but was out most of the times after college. Recently she moved back here. It is a good fact that I am a good listener, she did talk a lot. She was pretty lively and full of excitement. I answered few of her questions explaining that I was actually trying to search for something I am interested in and was basically doing nothing so great in the mean time. She seemed to be impressed by that, which was a little strange though. We were together for a few minutes, but she was quite a good company. In say about 15 minutes we discussed our individual lives, the pathetic city traffic and the Indian Politics. We reached her destination. She said thanks to me and was getting down the auto. She looked back at me and put her hands forward saying,

“By the way, it was pleasure meeting you.”

“The pleasure was all mine.”

Blog written for my 50 day – 50 topics challenge.


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