The Generation of Selfies

It is quite impossible to find a person of our generation and of the proceeding ones who has never ever clicked a selfie of his own. The easy availability of a camera on cell phones and tabs has made people go crazy with clicking pictures. And a special thankyou to the front camera and the self timer that nobody needs help for a good click.

I will start with what exactly selfies are. To click your own mirror image or your own self is the asic meaning of a self pic or selfie or self portrait. There must be some photography technical word for it also, but I am not aware of it. Basically selfies did not exactly get popular right now. The “clicking your mirror image” trend had started right in the 1990’s by some cliche royalty chick who was probably bored and self obsessed. So that is when it started. Recently this trend is popularising due to the growing technology and IT. I applaud all those people who could actually manage making some computer language stuff that can click and save photos and share them on every website. It is kinda cool for me as am not into softwares and blah blah.

Anyway, the fact that a woman started the selfie stuff actually gives an explanation for why women are more into clicking their own pictures. I am not being a sexist here, but girls this is really true. When I open my watsapp contact list, I can see tons of selfies. They are all a mixture of wierd, slutty, funny, beautiful and cute pictures. There are some girls pouting and sucking in lung full air , some giving expressions as if they are going to fart any minute, some actually giving a million dollar worth smile and some make wierd postures and positions. I genuinely hope they do not use these positions elsewhere:-P. It so happens at times that the self pictures which were supposed to look hot turn out slutty and cute turns out bad. I love looking at all those pictures but, they are refreshingly funny at times.

When I said there are majority of women who try to click hot and sexy pictures of themselves, I never mean that no men try it. There are a breed of men who are getting into this business as well. The most common place for a guy to click himself is in a gym or infront of a mirror showing his nicely built body (in very rare cases, mostly men are very delusional with their bodies). Guys click a self picture when they want to flaunt something. Ut can be their bodies, a new pair of sunglasses, a sexy sultry bike or some nice classic place they visit.
But guys are getting closer to the self pics now. And most of them who do this are either single or fed up of their girlfriends.

I do not say that clicking your own pictures or using editors is bad. It is kinda fun, especially when there is no other good job to do or your watsapp and bbm dp is probably gone old and you need an urgent replacement. And yeah I do believe in “Flaunt it if you have it”. But yeah flaunt it only if you have it. The thin line between classic pictures and wanna be ish is really easy to cross. Be yourself and maybe you might get a less lunatic selfie.

This article is just a personal view. Not every part is a fact. Infact my watsapp DP is a selfie as well. I hope it falls in the good category.  😛


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