The menu for my last meal..

It was not one of his best days today. In fact it was his last day living. He will never see any sun rise nor see any sun set after this. Sunny Chavan, an amateur gangster was staring at a beam of light flickering from the gaps of the stone wall. He had grown terribly weak and pale. He had not shaven for months and there were dark circles under his eyes. He sat on the muddy floor trying to bring back all the memories of his past. He was thinking of that one mistake that ruined his life.

It was 2 years back that he had come to the city of dreams – Mumbai. Generally people came here to be a glamorous celebrity, rich businessman or a diamond merchant. But Sunny had different plans. He wanted to become wealthy and he was convinced that following rules and ethics will not provude him any luxuries. This was the reason why he wanted to join the mafia. He was 22 when he came to Mumbai and started his struggle. He was successful in joining a small troop of gangsters who kidnapped people for extortion money. He was a quick learner and mastered a crime each day. He was drenched in his rising power and the glamor around him. He wanted to become a gang leader and expand the illegal works to betting, match fixing and more. He was high of the esteem he was dreaming of. He was developing a lot of ego and pride.

But all pride has to fall. Sunny was also gling to ace a fall someday. It was a December evening. Though Mumbai Is not so chilly, it was quite cold that evening. As his everyday  chores he was on his way to Kamatipura, on the way he went to a famous restaurant which served good chicken biryani. He went there and ordered a take away. There was a lot of rush that day. He lost his patience waiting and barged in the restaurant. The waiter did not recognize him and gave a parcel to another guy. Sunny punched the waiter hard on his nose. He grabbed the parcel from the other guy and began walking. The other guy got angry and went to Sunny and asked for his packet back. Sunny laughed and spit the Paan he was eating on his face. The other guy could not tolerate the insult and slapped Sunny. Sunny was furious. This was the worst humiliation for somebody who was planning to rule over the underworld. There was a storming calmness in the restaurant.

The next moment everybody heard a shrieking sound of a gunshot. Sunny just shot the guy in anger. He placed his gun still hot with the fire inside the biryani packet. He left the scene without any fear of law or police. He thought there was nobody higher than him. That was the last night he could spent with his mistress. When he was heading back home from the brothel, he was stopped by a fleet of police cars. The would be mafia was now arrested by the police.

He put in all his efforts to get out of the mess. But things were going against him. His trials had begun. None of his gang members gave him any help. They were all tired and annoyed with his habit of day dreaming and boasting. Sunny had insulted them all at one point of time, so they thought he was paying for his pride. After months of trials he was finally prosecuted and sentenced for death penalty. The plea for mercy did not work as well. He was going to be hanged to death some day.

Today was that day, he saw the sun rise. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He felt the air go inside him. He absorbed all the light he could. Soon the jailer walked up to him and asked,

“What menu do you want for your last meal?”

He gave a witty smile and replied,

“The menu for my last meal should be nothing but a plate of Chicken Biryani”


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